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I’m a landscape photographer, recently transplanted to Michigan from Southern California where I have enjoyed both personal and professional reward, as well as various awards for my work, most recently for photos taken in the magnificent backdrop of Joshua Tree National Park. Motivated by awe, my photos are an extension of a deep appreciation for nature and the infusion of life brought into structures framed as an organic part of their environment. Sometimes lit from within or enhanced by surrounding elements, I view every image, whatever its size or matter, as a unique and fascinating life of its own; breathing and adding to the place where I am compelled to capture its energy in that distinct moment in time. Maintaining a childlike fascination with creativity in every imaginable format, I am a voracious dabbler, adding a touch of each artistic exploration to my photography. To me, life is a toolbox of lenses through which I continually look for new ways to get the shot.

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